Sandeep Manoharan strike not enough as MS run out of luck against GM Sports Club

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MS go down 2-1 to GMSC as Sandeep Manoharan scores again. MS go down 2-1 to GMSC as Sandeep Manoharan scores again. MSSC

In the 7th game of the season, MS looked to snatch 3 points from GMSC after a draw againt PIFA post a string of losses. Although GMSC made life a little hard for MS, it was nothing that the boys couldn't handle.

As the game began in the first half, MS missed the mark to punch the gas as GMSC displayed confidence to keep the ball as they attacked fearlessly. MS being under pressure in the first 10 minutes decided to grip GMSC by the neck as they took hold of the ball and started repping out some passing combinations themselves. MS started dominating ball possession and although late but caught up to GMSC as they started to test their keeper with some well made opportunities. GMSC being a little desperate started to apply pressure on the referees as they went diving down in the penalty area to break MS' rhythm. MS being unfazed took the lead as midfielder Siddhant Jhangam received the ball on the left wing, whipping an inch perfect cross in with Sandeep Manoharan's header proving to be the knockout punch to put GMSC down 1-0.

The second half began with GMSC going full throttle as MS failed to match their intensity. The opponents dominated the second half as MS maintained its shape to defend the onslaught of crosses. MS failed to keep GMSC out as they were caught under a cross from the left wing with a looping header as it went over keeper Nikhilesh Kubal to put them at 1-1. MS ran out of luck after the first 30 mins of the second half as a bad goalkick fell right into the opposing strikers lap like a golden egg as the resultant through ball attempt hit the defender's sleeve right outside MS' D box but the referee thought otherwise and gave a free-kick right on top of the penalty area. GMSC exploited this opportunity to put some hard pressure on the officials for a penalty as the referee succumbed and consulted with the linesman. All hell broke loose as the referee wrongly changed his decision for a penalty with only 10 minutes remaining. GMSC smashed it in the net for a 2-1 victory over MS.

MS look on to pick themselves up after the disappointing officiating blooper to take on table toppers AU - Atlanta FC on the 21st of April at 3:30 pm, Cooperage.

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