MS rub shoulders with PIFA in a gruelling match

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MS registered a 1-1 draw in its sixth encounter of the MFA Elite Division League. MS registered a 1-1 draw in its sixth encounter of the MFA Elite Division League. MSSC
MS were back on track after some hard games that belted heavy blows to the amazing start this season as the game against PIFA proved to be a must win for the team.
MS began the game with a winning mentality that was lacking in the previous games and completely dominated the PIFA side that looked to take 3 points. All PIFA could look to take from the first half was the ball, as MS passed PIFA to death in the first half. Inspite of the brilliant start in terms of possession, PIFA took the lead against the run of play via a corner, headed in at the far post. The goal had little effect on MS as right from the center start they started to keep the ball as if it were a cog in this machine of 11 players. Without giving away possession the team made a string of 18-20 beautiful passes that just spun PIFA in our web tighter. As Akshay Devadiga set the ball up to Manthan at the D top, Manthan scored an absolute screamer of a goal as the keeper didn't even make an attempt to save it. The score was 1-1 at the first half.
The second half began with PIFA playing a 3-4-3 and started to put some pressure on MS from the flanks as a flurry of crosses started to come in but MS stayed composed and kept the ball at an arm's length from goal. PIFA started to employ some physical play to stop MS on the counter as the players took some hard hits while keeping the ball. A second goal wasn't in our luck as Amit won back the ball from the centre back and chipped the keeper that ended up in the net but was given away as foul for dangerous intent. The match ended at 1-1 with a hard fought 90 mins and well deserved draw for both sides .

MS take on GMSC at cooperage on the 18th at 3:30 pm in their seventh league encounter of the season.
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