Rugby Aspirants take a Big Step Forward

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The Ball Project has been on for several years started by Architect and Photographer Prajakt Patil and  Mumbai Strikers Founder Rohit D’souza. It has brought about a major change in the lives of the Children and even adults residing in the least known area of Durgawadi, which is a landfill in the eastern part of the suburb of Mulund. To say the least the Ball Project has created wonders and two such wonders are Deepak K and Shyam J.

Deepak and Shyam have volunteered to coach Rugby at the MCGM school of SL Marg, Mulund (W). They have been conducting training sessions with MS Rugby players Ram I and Arun T. Deepak and Shyam have not had an opportunity to go to school but that has not stopped them from conducting Touch Rugby sessions in the school. They have enhanced the experience of the SL Marg children in Rugby and at the same time have sharpened their skills in the sport. MSSC congratulates Deepak and Shyam for taking such a big step towards betterment and hope they go miles ahead in the future.

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