MS looking to make a comeback after a tough game against DK Pharma

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MS had to settle for a point as DK Pharma held on for a goalless draw. MS had to settle for a point as DK Pharma held on for a goalless draw. MSSC

MS in their 10th game of the season were looking confident to make a comeback in their attempt to finish in the top half of the table this season.

The air on matchday was different as everyone looked prepared to take on their rivals with all their heart. The team needed this energy and intent to win to set us in motion for a comeback after a very rough start to the first half of the season. The game began with MS leading the charge on DK pharma as they looked to step on their sails from the first minute itself. The boys dominated the possession in the first half and were easily able to break out the first press putting some well needed pressure on our rivals . MS looked clinical in defence and midfield but failed to translate that into our attack as our boys missed some very crucial chances in the first half . The first half ended 0-0.

The second half began and DK pharma looked to get back into the game as MS gave away possesion while trying to play long leading to a barrage of counter attacks. The MS defense were on guard and didn't let anything pass their sight. MS co-captain and keeper kept the team in the game as he pulled off a fierce double save as he came off the line without any hesitation and blocked a well timed shot . MS lacked a little composure in search of a goal as they were trying to play those final passes too early. With little time left and some tired legs due to the strong heat, MS tried to take some desperate chances in the second half. The ball even slammed the post twice as MS just couldn't find that one goal to set them apart. The game ended 0-0 as the team now looks to build on our positives and focus on the next game .

MS will take on Millat FC at 4:30 pm on 6th may at Neville D'Souza ground bandra.

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